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home Looking for Hop supplies? Then you have come to the right place. Kerr Supply Company has been in business since 1967. We have created a close working relationship with not only our local farmers, but have branched out across North America to help fulfill the needs of people like you. We have an excellent knowledge in our industry as we are into our 5th generation of farming.

Hop Products

home We offer Bio-Twine which is a bio-degradable paper string that has a wet strength of about 100lbs. Each pallet contains 44 hanks and each hank contains 300 strings. Therefore each pallet has 13,200 strings.

String can be ordered specifically for organic farms. We also sell string by the hank for smaller orders.

home home Coir bales of twine are another option for your hops to grow on. These are made up of coconut fibers and have a wet strength of about 80-100 lbs. If you are looking to purchase coir bales we ask that you contact us ahead of time because we do have to import this product.

home home Kerr Supply offers and applicator tool to insert the "W" clip in the ground. The "W" clip holds the Bio Twine or the Coir Twine into the ground.

"W" clips can be sold in bulk or individually.

home We also offer arching twine in the length of 22" that come in a box of 10,000. This tie keeps the base of the plant up and out of harm's way for the tractors to go between the hop rows, so you don’t have to worry about snagging the vines and pulling them off the string.

home Kerr Supply also offers the wire and cable you will need to build your hop yard. We offer wire and cable in all different sizes and strengths to meet your needs.

home home For your hop baling needs we offer a food grade roll of plastic.
We can also get poly square bags for European balers with advance notice.

Berry Products

home Kerr Supply offers Bio Twine Berry Ties in the length of 38" in a box of 5,000. The berry ties are to tie your canes to the wires to keep them up and out of the way of tractors and sprays. They are also bio-degradable.

We have access to all different strengths and sizes of wire to fit your berry field’s needs.

Call for size and pricing.

Vineyard Products

home Kerr Supply offers wire for your vineyards. We have access to all different strengths and sizes.

Call for pricing.

Traeger Pellet Grills & Accessories

Kerr Supply is an authorized dealer of Traeger Pellet BBQ's. We have access to all Traeger parts and accessories.

Call for pricing.

Stove Pellets

home Kerr Supply offers Hot Shot stove pellets. We offer them by the bag or by the ton.

Call for pricing.

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Phone Number: 503-393-1689

Email Address: sales@kerrsupply.com